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Here’s a sampling of articles available on the web. To read a few of Wilentz’s articles no longer available in their original sites, see the list of links under Archived Articles in the menu bar.

Veteran Chronicler of Haiti: Google Alerts Have Changed EVERYTHING (from FishbowlLA)

For journalists today, the whole world is watching (from the Los Angeles Times)

Letter From Haiti: Life in the Ruins (from The Nation)

Helping Haiti by aiding one earthquake victim (from the Washington Post)

Amy Wilentz’s Haiti Book Bag (from the Daily Beast)

A Zombie Is a Slave Forever (from the New York Times)

Mérida in Bloom: The Food, Art, Design, and Mayan Culture of Mérida, Mexico (from Condé Nast Traveler)

Impunity in Port-au-Prince (from the New York Times)

Duvalier and Haiti’s Triple Threat (from The Nation)

Christopher Hitchens: Why did I adore him? (from the Los Angeles Times)

France Nouveau (from the New York Times Magazine)

Why Haiti Does Not Need a New $95 Million Army (from Bloomberg)

Where the Morning Went (from the Los Angeles Review of Books)

Haiti: Bringing Back Baby (from Politico)

Haiti Waits For Its Future (from CNN)

Haiti’s Political Earthquake (from the Los Angeles Times)

The Other Side of the Water (from the New York Times)

Haiti Lives (from Condé Nast Traveler)

Benjamin Netanyahu Comes Back (from Politico)

Frantz Zephirin’s Heroic Portraits (from the Huffington Post)

Renew Haiti from the ground up (from the New York Daily News)

Time Magazine blog entries on Haiti:

  1. A Visit to Soccer City: Living in Postquake Haiti
  2. Could Pierre-Louis Fill Haiti’s Leadership Void?
  3. Amid So Much Loss, Port-au-Prince’s Streets Still Teem With Life
  4. Haiti and the Art of Survival: Lessons from the Streets

The Distant Memories of Haiti Before the Quake (an excerpt from the new TIME book Earthquake Haiti: Tragedy and Hope)

A Tale of Two Hotels in Haiti (from Conde Nast Traveler)

What Haiti Needs (from The Daily Beast)

Don’t Count Haiti Out (from the Los Angeles Times)

Haiti and the Depths of Darkness (from the Huffington Post)

Love and Haiti (from Conde Nast Traveler)

A podcast of Amy Wilentz in conversation with Reza Aslan at the downtown Los Angeles library (for ALOUD)

‘Susan Boyle’s extraordinary ordinariness’ (from the Los Angeles Times)

‘Hurricanes and Haiti’ (from the Los Angeles Times)

‘Who’s Afraid of Jimmy Carter?’ (from New York Magazine)

‘The Enchantress of Florence’ by Salman Rushdie, a book review for the Los Angeles Times

Amy Wilentz on Rachel Corrie (from Truthdig)

Profile of Benazir Bhutto (from MORE Magazine)

Transcript of MORE Magazine interview

Chat forum transcript about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto (from the Washington Post)

Benazir Bhutto: A Killing and Three Funerals (from the Huffington Post)

The Benazir I Knew (from the Los Angeles Times)

When Bhutto Goes Home (from the Huffington Post)

When the Hills Are Burning (from the Washington Post, October 25, 2007)

‘The Terror Dream’ by Susan Faludi, a book review for the Los Angeles Times

Bhutto Bombs (from the Huffington Post)

‘The Empress of Weehawken’ by Irene Dische, a book review for the Los Angeles Times

Not That Nice, an essay at CaliforniaAuthors.com

Haiti’s Occupation (from The Nation)

Dead-End Crossing (from Mother Jones)

Interview at litpark

From Port-au-Prince to Silwan (from the Huffington Post)

It’s a New Day for Haiti, If U.S. Would Accept It (from The Los Angeles Times)

How The War Came Home (from New York Magazine)

Haiti’s Collapse (from The Nation)

‘Boomsday: A Novel’ by Christopher Buckley (from The Los Angeles Times)

Continental Divide (from MSN Travel)

California Dreamin’ (from Condé Nast Traveler)

Oh, go ahead and insult us (from The Los Angeles Times)

Locked in War’s Embrace (from The Los Angeles Times)