A friend of mine just gave me this photograph, below, from (I am guessing) the late 1970s. Two people in this picture are happy. Who is the man on the right? I feel I know him, but I can’t identify him. Clearly he must have outlasted Duvalier in Port-au-Prince, because I only arrived a week before Baby Doc left in 1986, and I would not recall the face of someone who had fled along with Jean-Claude.


Who is that mystery man?

Also note: That’s not Baby Doc’s most trusting face. However, if you look at pictures of him over the years, you’ll notice that the guy didn’t really have a look that said “I trust these people.” I wonder why…

Here’s one picture:

A file portrait shot in March 1982 of Jean-Claude Duvalier, alias Baby Doc, then life President of Haiti, at Port au Prince. Ex-president Jean-Claude Duvalier is en route to Haiti said a diplomatic source on January 16, 2011. AFP PHOTO / FILE (Photo credit should read GIOVANNI CORUZZI/AFP/Getty Images)

1982, credit: Giovanni Coruzzi, AFP/Getty Images

Here’s another:

With Andrew Young, 1977

One more:


At his wedding, 1980